Do you defined yourself being distracted all the time at work for no good reason. As soon as there is anew noise, or conversation, do you find yourself gazing and stopping what you’re doing to take in what’s going on?

Do you often daydream about everything and nothing then kick yourself because you’ve whiled away the time when you have deadlines looming? Here are three basic steps to get your concentration back.

Time to think
Every morning, before you leave for work, at some point in your preparation, sit down and focus on an object – anything will do. You can do this while you’re in the toilet, car or even the bus. No matter how difficult you find it don’t move your gaze away. Hold it. Wait. Then, as the minutes pass you will find yourself deeply meditating about things that happened to you during the previous day, or challenges you have to face that day. Congratulations. You have just conquered the art of meditation.

What’s your type?
Most people can’t concentrate when it is too noisy, but others work better with music or when they are in a busy work environment, getting a buzz out of the atmosphere. If you are not aware as yet what best suits you, then try out the different environments. How?

Take a notebook or a piece of paper and a pencil or pen with you and try and write a letter in all the three types of environments in 15 minutes time. Compare how much you were able to write down during that time for each circumstance and you’ll get a good idea of your preferred working environment.

While you may bot be a bel to change the environment you work in to suit your preference in totality, you can decide which environment do create when you have important work to do that needs your full attention. For example, if you work in a buzzing office environment where there are always distractions, you could find a quiet meeting room to work on your presentation or opt to work from home for a morning to get the work done.

Use a timer
Sounds odd, but when you have the clock ticking to complete a piece of work, it can be all the motivation you need to zone out of all the distractions.

Use your phone, or buy yourself a cheap timer for cooking from the pound shop or Wilkos and get working. If you work in an office environment, a noisy buzzer probably won’t go down well with your colleagues, souse your discretion.

Do this every day to help you stay calm and to make changes in your life. Without all the extra noise in your life and emotions getting in the way, you can really start to look at things constructively and make better decisions.

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