With the weather not quite sure what season we’re in, many of us are plagued with doubt, unsure if we should dress for the current season without being left cold by midday or sweating it out by the end of the school run. 

Transitional seasons can be confusing – do you dress for the current weather or the season that you’re in? Here are some tips:

Fabrics do a lot of talking
Some fabrics, like colours, are season specific. So linen, for example screams summer wardrobe, and velvet is very wintery.

To get the traditional look right, wear cotton knit, or denim (which is very in trend at the moment…again).

Layer over the last season
So it’s not cold enough (yet) for your chunky autumn/winter jumper, and yet it’s too chilly to wear open-toe sandals. Just what do you wear?

Layering is a great way to work through this conundrum. You can still wear your heavier summer fabrics – tailored shorts, skirts and sensible dresses to work, but add a smart blazer like this checked blazer from Cotton Traders that can keep the chill out, and can be taken off if there’s a burst of sunshine in the afternoon.

If you don’t have anything suitable in your wardrobe, you’re bound to have a nice pair of trousers that can be worn all year round, like this Cotton Traders tailored trousers, which are perfect for all seasons. Tailored women’s trousers and women’s jackets can be found quite cheaply online – look for the sale section and grab yourself a bargain.

Add a silky scarf to it, fold over the blazer sleeves a little, and you’ll look the epitome of fashion.

Colour me bad
Some colours are made for summer, but there are others that will get you through all the four seasons of the year – these are great for transitional wear.

Try your neutral colours – whites, navy, black and add a burst of colour with your accessories so you don’t look too cautious!

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