The school Easter holidays are looming and it’s a typical time of year when website traffic goes down. With juggling the demands of the children on school holidays and just not having enough time or energy to browse the internet (mobile phone or not!), the impact hits everyone, so don’t get despondent if you notice that your site’s traffic suddenly taking a dip!That being said, it doesn’t mean that everyone in the world is on holiday – so your main goal should be to try to get as many of those other visitors as you can. You can do this by looking at your online strategy and thinking about your website content or blogs. Ask yourself if it’s worth reading and whether someone who sees it in their newsfeed on Facebook, for example, will deem it worth a few minutes of distraction.

Create Good Content

If you want more visitors, you will need to focus on being able to bring them back. Most traffic comes from Google and other search engines on an average website that has been running long enough to be indexed by the search engines. It’s great to see a raft of people coming to your site every month, but can you keep hold of them? Do you make them want to keep coming back for more?

Everyone is busy these days, and for every poor website out there, there is a true gem bursting with news, advice and resources that your target audience can’t get enough off – is that your website or someone else’s?

If your site visitors see you regurgitating the same content over and over again – or throwing up the same press releases as other sites – they’ll soon see no value in coming to your website.

Creating good content will make sure that your visitors will come back for more. To do this, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What issues are most important to them? How can you help them navigate those issues?

Learn to network

When you are able to network with other people on the internet, you will realise just how easy it is to actually get visitors to your website. This is especially important when you’re starting out. Social media is a great place to start making ‘friends’ because it’s so easy to get someone to engage with what you’re saying. If they think you know what you’re talking about (i.e. you’re an expert in your field), or they think you are interesting, they’ll want to find out more about you.

When you have a circle of ‘friends’ on the internet, they will often help to promote your articles and products, which will start driving more traffic to your website.

You should share the love by doing the same to their content, too, and you’ll all reap the benefits.

Start making some noise

You will need to share your website with as many people as possible. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social network out there, shout out about it! If you don’t how can you expect other people to?

If you’re serious about getting more website visitors, you’ll need to take some time out to lay a strong foundation using the above tips, and you’ll start to reap the rewards.

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