Today is International Women’s Day and we’re celebrating all things to do with being a woman.

Here are 10 reasons why it’s great to be a woman:

1. You can wear a ponytail without looking like a, well, prat.

2. You can be as moody as you want at least once a month without anyone batting an eyelid – PMS has it’s benefits, after all.

3. You can use pregnancy as an excuse (a reason, actually!) for weigh gain.

4. You can use the toilet without leaving a small reservoir on the bathroom floor, or spraying the walls.

5. You can carry a handbag – and have the kitchen sink in it, darling!

6. Your gan won’t buy you horrible ties or Old Spice for Christmas, every Christmas.

7. Unlike the male population, you understand that “ready in five minutes” means at least an hour. Doh!

8. Your better half will b pleased if you actually come back home with lipstick on your face.

9.You can put a duvet cover on your duvet without giving yourself a Chinese burn.

10. You can leave the plumbing to the plumber without tripping up on your ego in the process.

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