Life doesn’t get much busier than when you’re busy working mum with small children. With the kids back at school after the half term break that treadmill and juggling is back in full swing so it’s going to start getting a little harder to make time for yourself.

With a bit of careful planning, you can grab a precious hour or two for yourself. Here are some tips to do just that:
1. Ditch the ironing
You hate it, too? Rememner the days when doing a load of ironing took no more than an hour – when it was just your washing? Add kids into the mix and the laundry seems to quadruple…and it takes ages to iron  – time you could spend doing other things or catching a breath.

You can reduce the need for ironing by taken clothes out after 10 minutes of low heat drying in the tumble dryer and putting the clothes in a hanger to finish drying.

You can also pay someone else to take the load of your shoulders – many ironing service providers charge £1 for a shirt, for example, less for children’s clothes.

2. Childcare circle
If you need a break there’s a good chance that other mums you know will need a break, too. Why not join forces and set up a childcare swap where you agree to help each other out for a few hours so you can have some you time.

3. Online shopping
You’ve heard about this but have you actually tried it yet? Beats dragging your brood through the supermarket isles when they’re tired, or lugging shopping home on your commute from work, doesn’t it?

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