Summer is slowly approaching, which means it is time to adjust your wardrobe for the workplace!

Here are five top styles for summer office glamour:

1. Show a little skin and dress in sheer panels
As suggested in the Guardian by Jess Cartner-Morley here, you might want to look into dressing yourself in ‘sedate sheer’, also referred to as ‘polite sheer’.

This means that it is not just about showing off your skin, but offers a peek-a-boo glance at your flesh while keeping your overall look chic and elegant. The sedate sheer look is a minimalist style where some of the fabric is stripped away from the clothes – but it’s all very above board and classy, which means that it’s perfect for work.

2. Get graphic and pattern away
For spring and summer 2013, a lot of designers have displayed a number of patterns on the catwalk. The Belgian fashion designer Dries van Noten picked and matched his summer line with symmetrical stripes, whereas Marc Jacobs opted for animal prints. The patterns in both their designs are bold, but the colours are far from obtrusive. This is why they’d work in your office: mix and match brightly coloured shirts or vests with more sedate colours and you’ll look both professional and fun.

3. Are you a Pencil Queen?
The most office-friendly look that hit the catwalk this year must have undoubtedly been the pencil skirt, a timeless look that works perfectly in the office. Combining two clashing colours is what Burberry and Erdem do, but you could always go for a more mellow look.

4. Go for the Audrey Hepburn look
The Audrey Hepburn style will never grow old, and will always be one of the most glamorous styles to choose from, summer or winter. It is a great look for those who favour the simple yet sophisticated look. Audrey Hepburn had a set of basics that made her style: plain white shirt, kitten heels, fitted suits and little black or red dresses as seen in her 1957 movie Funny Face.

5. Shine away in your iridescent fabrics
Remember those nineties t-shirts that used to glitter and shimmer in the sun, like rainbow-hued oil-slicks or intergalactic constellations? With this trend, Diane von Fürstenberg, Christian Dior and Viktor and Rolf took us right back to the nineties. When it comes to mixing and matching these colours, it’s the same as trying to combine patterns with your everyday office look: it will work best if you tone down the rest of your outfit.

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