It’s easy to spend a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest and falling in love with all kinds of bedroom ideas for your little one. However, if you’re on a budget – like so many parents are these days – it’s not always easy to make your dream a reality.

But did you know that there are ways you can recreate a stunning bedroom for your little one without breaking the bank? It’s true! Read on for 7 ways you can update your child’s room on a budget.

Update Those Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are definitely something we’re all guilty of neglecting! They work hard protecting our walls from things like furniture bumps and scuffs and scrapes, they all serve to hide the joint between the floor and the wall. But they look tired, dull and unloved very quickly. So, updating them with a new set – such as the square variety – will give any room an instant lift! Give it a try. 

Hang up Some Artwork 

Who says art has to be expensive? A beautiful print on the wall could come easily via the artistic prowess of your little one. All you need to do is find the perfect frame to compliment it. Alternatively, choose a few pieces and create a gallery wall or hang them along a line using mini-pegs. Don’t forget you can switch out some pieces for new favourites!

Wall Stickers 

These noncommittal decorations are ideal for kids rooms. They make a huge difference and yet they’re not permanent – perfect for those ever-changing tastes and favourites. You’ll find a huge range online, with various pricing to suit all budgets. 

Decorate with Stencils

You don’t need an expensive paint job to create a stunning bedroom space. All you need are some stencils and some paint! Use contrasting colours to create a little texture and interest or use stencils of their favourite characters for a more personal touch.

Update Old Furniture

Whether it’s an old wardrobe, a sad-looking side table or a desk in need of some TLC. Kids bedroom furniture gets old, fast. So, instead of buying brand new, try repurposing those old items and giving them a new lease of life? Whether you completely repaint them or update the hardware and replace the handle and knobs, it’ll look like new, and you’ll save a bundle!

Chalkboard Walls

Who says feature walls are just for grownup rooms? Creating a chalkboard wall for your kids to write, draw and experiment with provides hours of fun with minimal effort. You can pick up chalkboard paint from most DIY stores.

Create a Reading Nook

Encouraging reading in children is a wonderful thing. So, why not dedicate an area of their room to reading? All you’ll need is a bean bag, or a chair to make the space comfy, a good supply of books and a pleasant way to display them. That could be a sling bookcase, or a low shelf so the little ones can help themselves to a good book. 

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