4 Simple and Super Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

Mum!! Can we go swimming? Mum!! Can we go to the theme park? Farm Park? Cinema? Zoo? Can I have another ice cream? Can we get another bucket and spade for the beach?

Sound familiar? 

The summer holidays are ideal for spending time with your family. You get to make so many memories and not have to worry about getting up on time for school, making sure the kids haven’t forgotten their lunches or P.E kits…but if you’re on a budget this summer then the idea of spending six weeks trying to find activities that don’t cost the earth can be a little daunting!

It’s normal to be worried about your finances, especially if you have debts – you can get help from Creditfix by clicking the link – so to alleviate the pressure a little, you need to find ways to keep the kids busy and entertained throughout the summer. Well, read on for 4 simple and super cheap ways to do just that!

Plant Some Flowers

If the sun is shining, then why not head outdoors and add a little more colour to your outside space? You don’t need a big garden to enjoy this activity, you could fill a window box or a small plant pot or two to enjoy on the window sill or balcony. Seeds are very cheap to buy, and you can find them at garden centres and supermarkets. If you’re feeling really creative, then let the kids decorate their plant pots? It’s another activity to enjoy and to spend time with. Planting flowers teaches your little ones about the growing process, how to be patient, and how to look after things! 

Have a Go at Vlogging!

Do you have a budding Zoella at home? Why not let the kids vlog a day in the life? Whether you head to the park, or just stay at home, the kids can have fun filming, and then you can then work together to edit the footage (don’t worry, there’s plenty of free editing software online). Then you can all sit down as a family and watch it. Don’t worry – nothing has to go up on YouTube! 

Arts and Crafts

I don’t think there’s a child who doesn’t get excited when there’s paint, glitter, crayons, paper, card, stickers, glue and pompoms around! Ideal for rainy days or just when you want to keep them busy while you do some other urgent tasks. If you have any cardboard tubes or boxes, then keep them aside for some arts and crafts sessions. And don’t worry about the carpet – let them loose outside!

Make dinner

This is so much fun, and it’s not as catastrophically messy as you might think…I like to let the kids make their own pizzas as it’s simple, hands-on and one of their favourite foods! You can purchase ready-made pizza bases or create your own dough if you have the time. Then let them add some sauce, a bunch of their favourite toppings and voila! 15 minutes in the oven, and you have the “best pizza ever!” 

Joycellyn Akuffo

Founder and editor of www.motherswhowork.co.uk, a mother of two wonderful children, wife, entrepreneur (check out www.geekschool.co.uk) and journalist.

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