Sunday may soon be over but today’s feature will help you next week (and the weeks to come). You’ll learn how to get your Organisation Queen crown on and make your week run like a Stepford wife, but with personality!

Most of us use the weekend to spend time with the family, catch up on chores, get some rest and just chill (where possible). But do you know that if you took a few minutes out of your weekend to plan for the coming week, you’d have a much more successful week?

How to get started
There are 48 hours in a weekend. Take 15 minutes to half an hour to make a to-do list of all the important tasks, appointments, birthdays, shopping lists. etc. The list will basically include all those essential things you know you need to accomplish make your week work for you.

Then diarise it…write it down in your diary so you don’t leave anything out.

How to use your diary
Mothers Who Work is an advocate of Filofax and Evernote diaries. If you look back at features on Mothers Who Work, you’ll see a recurring theme. Quality is important, but if you’re not ready to spend on one of the aforementioned, a trip to the pound shop will get you a decent enough diary. The main thing is that you use a diary to stay on top of the demands of being a working mother.

Write down what you need to do on the respective days and then get yourself into a habit of checking your diary every evening so you can remind yourself about what is happening, or needs to be done, the next day.

It stops you becoming a scatter brain… No apologies for sounding harsh – your colleagues, clients and the rest will probably use harsher terms when they are at the brunt of your disorganisation. And who could blame them (sorry!). With technology helping us sync all the calendars we can shake a stick at, and apps to help us organise everything from shopping lists to wedding planning, being a busy working mum is no excuse not to stay on top of things.

The saying ‘Fail to plan and plan to fail’, isn’t a lie. These days, we have everything at our disposal to help us get organised. Once you’ve made your mind up to stay ahead of your to-do list you’ll stop being scatty. You’ll remember important dates and engagements days (and eventually weeks) ahead of deadline. Your efficiency will speak volumes and attract promotion and new business to you. Try it.

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