What happens when you block someone on twitter?

Prowling competitors, online bullies, spammers…there are different types of people you may opt to block on twitter. But exactly what happens when you do block them? Do they get a message alerting them of the fact?

Here’s what happens:

  • Your tweets will not appear on homepage or twitter feed.
  • They won’t get notified that you have blocked them – but, if they realise that they aren’t getting any of your tweets and then try to follow you again, they will not be able to re-follow you.
  • You will no longer appear on their ‘following’ list, neither will they appear on your ‘followers’ list.
  • They can still see your public profile but will not receive your tweets on their public timeline.
  • If they try to send you @replies or direct messages they won’t be able to.

Find out more about blocking someone on twitter here: https://support.twitter.com/articles/117063-how-to-block-users-on-twitter

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