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Sign up for the Spare Time Business Course

A recent article on Mothers Who Work, How to Start a Business in Your Spare Time got so many Facebook likes and comments that I felt compelled to create a course for exactly that: The Spare Time Business. Why? If you’ve read the book, ‘Start With Why: How Great Leaders

Audio course: How to Sell Without Selling – Part 1

Starting a business of any kind can be a big learning curve – from the accounting, to the admin, to employing people to help you out. But one area that many people struggle with is selling. You may not be able to sell an igloo to Eskimos, but you certainly

Video guide: how single parents can find time to study

Juggling children and work can be all-consuming at the best if times, but it doesn’t have to mean you have no time to advance your skills on a course. In any career, keeping your skills fresh is crucial – especially if you want to marketable or if you have your

Free course for childminders from HM Revenue

Are you a childminder? Would you like help with understanding tax, National insurance and learn how to keep your financial records in order? HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is offering self-employed childminders free online webinars to help with tax issues. You can watch and participate in the live webinars from

Do you want to have your cake and eat it?

No one said being a working mum would be easy – in fact, if you listen to all the so-called experts, research and stay-at-home mums, you’d probably give up before you get started. But at Mothers Who Work, we think we’ve found the secret recipe for success – baking the

All the single ladies! Grab yourself our free guide – just tweet and grab!

Being a single mother is a role to be admired – even with two couples it’s a juggle, but many single mums make parenting look effortless.

Free courses and support to mums – can you afford to miss out?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below then you need to book yourself onto one of our courses (prices start from FREE!): Are you at a bit of a crossroads in your life and need some help and support to propel you to the next level?

FREE e-course: Your First Online Sale

One of the great ways to make money using the web is to set up an online store. If you get the ingredients right (website design, payment gateway, and choose the right products to sell!), you can really make a sustainable income from your online store, which you can leverage

Crossroads no more: FREE course for mums on making money

We all need it, we all want a way to do it that fits in with our lifestyles…yes, you guessed it – money! There are some things in life you can’t do much about – the fact that the cost of living is getting higher, and that the cost of