Starting an online business is a fantastic way for mums to earn money - millions are doing it successful every day
Starting an online business is a fantastic way for mums to earn money - millions are doing it successful every day

Starting an internet business is one of the fastest and smartest ways mums to make money. Mums around the globe are doing it every day – and many of them are making money from online businesses every day.

If you haven’t started an online business yet, here are 10 reasons for starting an internet business, and one reason why you shouldn’t:

1. Money
Pure and simple, we all could use a more of it – especially with fuel price rises, childcare costs soaring, and the cost of living on the up. Whether it’s to get out of debt, build a retirement, or just simply make ends meet, with the right guidance, an internet business can start generating income almost immediately.

2. Family
Let’s face it mums – a lot of you would prefer to be home with your kids AND earning money. A work-at-home job is great for just that reason…unless you have to leave home for appointments, parties, or client meetings. Then you’re right back to babysitters and being away from your kids. An internet business truly lets you run it from home.

3. Self esteem
Many of us are so busy being Mums, and wives, and community members, we forget to forge something in our lives that gives us happiness and fulfilment. Starting (and becoming a success) in your own business can give you a boost, and when mum’s happy, everyone is happy.

4. Community
Our communities that are better off for us having started businesses – especially if it is a locally serving online business. It provides good role models for our children, and you may even inspire more women in your community to start a business!

5. Household savings
Working at home means no expensive wardrobes. Can you imagine NOT having to buy expensive work clothes anymore, and how much money you can save?

6. You can choose what you do and who you work with
If you have a boss you hate, or colleagues who bitch about you every time you take a day off for childcare reasons, or because you can work from home part of the week, it can take the enjoyment out of working. When you run your own online business, you are the boss, and you can choose who you work with – and most of the time you won’t even get to see them.

7. Flexibility
Because you work at home, you can arrange your schedule to be available when a child is home sick, for when the boiler breaks down, to help out on your child’s school trip, or to just sit in a park and read. How many bosses would give you the day off to read?

8. Being in charge of your own business means you are no longer at the mercy of redundancies
Don’t get me wrong, a home business can crash too…but at least YOU hold the reins and make the decisions, not someone else.

9. You determine how much you work, and how much you make
No more being paid less than you are worth, no more begging for a pay rise. If you educate yourself right, you can combine hard work, persistence and make an unlimited income.

10. You can sell your business later on down the line…it’s an investment!
Build it large enough and successful enough, and many website owners have sold their sites for hundreds of thousands of dollars…and started out knowing very little about building an internet business.

One reason NOT to start an internet business…

DO NOT start an online business to please anyone else. There is so much pressure on mums today to do it all….many times we feel that we are not successful unless we make a lot of money, are perfect mums, never gain a pound…

Start a business for you, and achieve your dreams – don’t start it to convince the world that you can do it all.

Running a business is not for everyone, but if you want to follow your dream of working at home, making a good income then starting an online business is a great place to start.

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