On the back of the success of our sister set, www.babyonboardbadge.co.uk, we know that selling online is a lucrative way for anyone to make money. And for mums, it can give the earning potential and flexibility that many crave.

make an online saleIs this your dream, too? Or maybe you already have an online store but aren’t making the money you know you can and should be making…

Once you’re successful enough to establish your own business online, you should move on to coming up with ways on how to increase your sales overnight. Here are two quick and effective tips to help you seeing a change in your fortunes:

1. Offer after purchase

Did you know that offering your customers more to buy after a purchase can be a good way to double your sales?

Think about it. When your customer just made a purchase, he or she is still in the mood for shopping, which is a good time for you to offer more products and services related to what has just been purchased.

Show them a unique offer on your thank you page, instead of just a way to get off your website, and they’ll buy more.

On www.babyonboardbadge.co.uk, we use this tact before the checkout – there are related products, or products they may be interested in on every product page, so they can browse more pages and buy more products. On the shopping cart page, they can also see other products to buy, so we entice them just before they buy, which we’ve seen have a positive effect on the number of baby on board badges our customers are buying.

2. Offer discounted products

When you start adding more products to your online store don’t forget about your old and successful lines.

Your old product line can actually be your biggest income makers while you’re promoting new lines – they may have more customer reviews, for example, or just provide exactly what your customers are looking for.

As a tip, have a category tagged as “discounted offers” or “sale” on your website, which basically contains older versions of what you’re offering your audience.

As you may know, there will always be people who are looking for a a bargain and don’t mind how old your product is, as long as quality and functionality standards are still met. Just show them when the offer ends, so that they feel impelled to buy now!

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