“Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

We think Alfred Lord Tennyson was onto something when he said it is okay to give love
a chance even though it has a potential to wreak havoc in your life. This thought is
especially true if you are a single mother and have more than your love life to consider
when it comes to choosing your partner.

Many single women are hesitant to start their love lives over, owing to the welfare of
their kids and the new life they might be subjecting them to. However, with these tips,
say yes to that proposal, slip on that diamond engagement ring and enjoy the second
chance love has to offer you!

Don’t Give into Pressure

This is the foremost thing to keep in mind before you scour the dating field and
eventually settle down. Don’t put up your profile on the online dating site because your
friends are asking you to or family thinks you have been single for long enough. Giving
into peer pressure is the worst thing you can do when looking for love. Starting a new
life all over is not easy and it should be done only when you feel ready. The right person
will be around the corner.

Kid negative emotions
Avoid upset by speaking to your child at the right time about a new partner

Be Honest With Your Children

Your kids want the best for you. They might have issues accepting that you might start
dating, something that they can perceive as a replacement to their father. It is important
that you communicate with them, help them understand the importance and need of
companionship. Do not forget to keep them informed about the person you are dating
and loop them in daily conversations so that they don’t end up feeling neglected. Your
children are rooting for you and they want to see you happy.

Tell Your Prospective Partner About Your Children

People enjoy surprises but not many might include children into that category. If you find
yourself going on a date with someone and you feel there might be a potential future
here, tell them upfront about your children. They might accept or may turn away, but it is
the risk you have to take.

Introduce Your Potential Dates in Due Time

There is no time stamp on when you should introduce the person you are dating to your
children. If your potential partner has no problems with meeting up with your kids, take
the next step and talk to your children. Ask them about their thoughts on you dating and
would they like to meet your potential partner. Give yourself and them the flexibility to
choose the time they are comfortable for this meetup. It is important that all parties are
ready since first impressions always matter.

Keep Mum Shaming Aside

Being a mum is a huge responsibility but many consider it an obligation that rids the
woman of her life and personal life. If you start dating, be ready to be mom-shamed.
However, you have no reason to tolerate the judgement and can move away from such
behaviour. Take it with a pinch of salt, brush it off and trust your instincts.

Keep an Open Mind

Not everything will fall in place. Your heart has been broken before or you might have
lost the love of your life. It is often difficult to connect and easy to feel discouraged.
However, keep an open mind and trust the process. Give yourself the time to click with
your potential partner and give yourself the chance to enjoy the spirit of love once again!
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