Last week, we shared 10 tips for getting a healthier business and a healthier work life. We thought we’d spoil you with five more tips. Here goes!

Tip no. 11: Sleep is sacred

Sleep deprivation may be something us Mums wear like a badge of honour, but it really can cloud your judgement. When you’re basically walking around like a zombie and reeling off emails on autopilot, even the strongest coffee can’t bring some life into you.

Consider sleep to be sacred and make this a real priority. Get some sleep – as simple as that! Even if it means taking a day or so off work to sleep it off. 

Tip no. 12: Get some quiet time

In his book ‘The morning Miracle’, Hal Elrod describes the importance of taking time out in the morning to mediate or pray, make affirmations, visualise, journal and exercise. While you may not want to follow Hal’s, it’s important to give yourself some time free of the ‘noise’ that life often brings.

Have an hour of quiet time – with no screen or mobile phone time – before you go to bed. This makes a huge difference.

Tip no. 13: Re-think your work environment

Sometimes, not having a clear distinction between your work and home environment can make things seem more complicated than it needs to be. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be something to do: washing and shopping on one side; paperwork and social media on the other side. It can make a real mountain out of a mole hill.

Think carefully about your work environment. Make sure that you keep it separate from your day environment. Be a digital nomad for an hour a week, or a day a week if that appeals!

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Tip no. 14: Get into position

When working, make sure that you sit up straight and have your arms at right angles. Slouching, bad posture and lack of a properly ergonomically planned workspace can make you feel tired and experience all sorts of pains and twinges. 

The screen should be at eye height and should have no glare on it!

Stretching regularly – and doing yoga (if you’re that way inclined) generally – can help you to combat stiffness from being on the computer and it also improves sleep and mood. 

It’s also important to stand up regularly and have a walk around, so you can let your blood circulate. 

Tip no. 15: Exercise

Make sure you set aside some time a few times a week for cardio. This will help to combat the atrophy your heart can experience from too much sitting down. You can join a gym, a lunchtime walking or running group, or just get some equipment to use at home.

If you don’t have time to exercise on a regular basis, then you need to make time. Change your routine!

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