How to cope on those tough days of motherhood

Whether it’s the return to work after mater it’s leave and stressing about childcare, sleep deprivation from tending to a sick child during the night, or just the toll that working and juggling family life can take on us working mums, were still expected to battle through regardless.

It can feel as though stopping for a moment will make everything fall apart. However true that is in your life, remember that you’re still a person in your own right, not a robot with supernatural powers. Here are some tips to help you cope in tough days as a mum:

1. Talk it out

A problem shared is a problem halved. Well that’s what the saying recommends. While this may not always ring true, sharing a problem with a friend or relative can help you put some perspective to your concerns. Sometimes, when we voice our worries and concerns, it can help us realise how small those problems are. It can also make us aware of the seriousness of a problem so that we can seek help. At the very least, to have someone to speak to can be a soothing and therapeutic process. Having some empathy will give you an extra boost and empower you. 

2. Get writing

While we may not always have someone to confide in when we need it, having a journal, a blog, or writing letters is something you can do any time you want. Write what you’re experiencing and you’ll be able to look back on them and see how far you have come. You don’t have to be the next Harper Lee and it doesn’t matter if you write one paragraph or ten – the mere act of writing is the key.

If you’re not a wordsmith, you can draw, paint or sketch in a journal. It’s always amazing how creative people can be in their journals and diaries – do a simple google search and look at the images to see for yourself. 

3. Take a break

Everyone else does: your spouse, your child are provider, your boss…and they do it for a reason. Why do you let yourself feel base for taking a ten-minute break when you need it?

During this break, try not to think about anything other than trying to relax. If your mind starts wondering onto work or the children remind yourself that you’re taking a break. 

4. Exercise

It may seem a little odd to list exercise under an article about motivation, but there is a sense of achievement and revitalisation that comes from doing some strenuous exercise. Whether it’s in the treadmill, at a Zumba class or just doing 50 jumping jacks, the release of endorphins will give you a buzz and make you feel alive again. 

5. Ask for help

Even if you take pride in doing it all yourself, take help that’s offered – or do the asking yourself. There’s no reward for martyrdom , after all. 

6. Change your surroundings

If there’s a meeting room at work you can work in for an hour, you’ll find that the destructions will reduce significantly. 

If you work from home, try working somewhere else: a local coffee shop, a different room at home – there’s usually a space or place you can hide away for an hour or so without being disturbed. A change of scenery can make a world of difference and take away the mundane and stress. 

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