Being your own boss has its pros and cons, but one sure positive is that the buck stops with you. You have the final say on everything you do, how you do it and when. So f you’re not happy about something, change it. If you’re not enjoying the grind of being your own boss, change something – here are some tips to help you:

Work out how you work best
We aren’t all wired the same. For some of us, a fixed and regular routine gets the best out of us, and for others that would be akin to a prison sentence.

If you’re used to shift work, or working a normal 9-5, you might not know what works best for you until you try a mix of different types of working to see which is most productive for you. Are you a morning person, or an afternoon or evening person? Do you even know?

Being your own boss means you get to choose how you work and when, so don’t get stuck in a rut just because you’re used to working in one particular way.

Get out there and mingle
Before you click away, this is not about networking! It’s about rewarding yourself and being able to do those things you’d usually have to book annual leave to do. The simple things in life life meeting a friend for lunch, and not having to clock watch halfway though, or just going for a stroll because you could do with some fresh air and inspiration, or taking an afternoon nap because you’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the past couple of weeks.

Rewarding yourself doesn’t mean you start to get lazy or unproductive – you can decide that after you have achieved a set goal(s), you will reward yourself for the effort.

Enjoy being your own boss…you deserve it
Don’t slave for hours over your accounts or marketing if you’re no good at getting it done (fast enough)! Pay someone else to do it for you…then use your time to get more business in to cover for that expense.

If you know that a business idea or project isn’t working, you don’t have to battle through it because your boss is too blind to see it! You can decide to ditch it, change it or whatever works for you.

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