New Year is the perfect time to refresh your outlook and provide motivation for positive change.

It’s a great time to put action next to your plans, and if you’re single and hoping to meet someone special that will no doubt involve getting familiar with the dating game!

If you want to find love in 2014 then then this is the perfect time of year – start now so you’re not alone on Valentine’s Day. An apparently, January is also the best time to look for love online. If the idea of dating fills you with terror, have you considered trying double dating as a fun way to kill two birds with one stone? By putting yourself out there romantically and also spending time with a single girlfriend you can have a giggle or two.

You and your bestie could both meet someone special – and if it doesn’t end with romance, you’ll have had a nice night out and, hopefully, a funny story to share later!

The Global Personals – double date guide has some handy tips for first time double-daters, including not to get too affectionate on your date (You may be thinking – ‘I should be so lucky!’).

Time to revamp the wardrobe
It’s also the perfect time of year to take stock of your wardrobe and sort out the items you would like to keep with you this year – and dump what is really just taking up valuable space.

Dressing for dates can be tricky – here are some tips to help you find the right look and set the date off on the right note:

1. Be yourself This rule doesn’t just apply to the date conversation! Remember, dress first and foremost for your shape and what you feel comfortable in rather than setting your mind on a particular style.

There’s no point squirming in your chair hoping you don’t have VPL through your leopard print leggings if they aren’t your thing! It’s also advisable to call your friend and do a double check of what she is wearing to avoid looking overly co-ordinated – it could be ever so slightly embarrassing to turn up in the same outfit.

2. Think natural Natural fibres are great for this freezing weather, they keep you cosy and have the added benefit of being flattering, soft and giving a ‘casually irresistible’ vibe.

There are some beautiful options out there and fibres such as leather and cashmere are both sexy and luxurious. Think contrasting elements – black leather leggings under a loose cashmere sweater is a great winter option, or perhaps a brightly-coloured pure silk shirt with your favourite pair of skinny jeans.

3. Vintage chic Vintage materials are a surefire way to look elegant and add a pretty quirkiness to your outfit. Vintage is hugely popular at the moment so you will be spoilt for choice on the high street as well as specialist boutiques. If you can’t find quite what you are looking for there try some of the markets to find something truly unique.

Some of our favourite vintage markets in London are the Spitalfields Market (held on weekdays with the busiest day being Sunday) and the famous Portobello Road. If money is tight, try adding a chic vintage belt or cute pair of earrings to a current outfit to give it a vintage twist.



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