When you leave the office, most of the time, you don’t want your work to follow you around. But sometimes you need to be able to access it without having to pack the office and take it with you. In fact many people travel for their business.

What is the cloud?

Let’s say you are a new employee for a London-based company. You have a very important presentation you are to make to a large business in France. The outcome of this presentation will be very pivotal to the firm’s success and mean a very large bonus to you, not to mention, job security.

You get everything ready, you have everything you’re going to need and you get on the airplane. The plane takes off and you are several hours in and over the ocean when you decide to look over your presentation on your computer to practice. You pull out your carefully placed USB drive that you put the presentation only to find out, to your horror, you have the wrong USB drive, since you don’t like to label them.

This is the one with your family pictures you were looking through the night before you left, important, but not helpful in this situation. You can’t ask the pilot to turn around. And at this point you are wishing you’d somehow had this presentation online or somewhere, anywhere that you could access it as soon as you got to France. The place you should have put it is the Cloud. Not the ones you are looking at with tears in your eyes.

The next part of the story is that by some miracle you actually saved the presentation in an obscure folder on your laptop, who cares, at least you have it! Then when you get to France you’re trying to find your wallet while holding your bags and since you forgot to zip your laptop bag, your computer falls out and crashes.

Benefits of using cloud storage

The reason the cloud is so amazing is that you can go anywhere and when you open up the Cloud everything is there. The software that runs all your important business is there, your presentation, everything. All you had to do was to listen to you IT guy at work who keeps showing you that Dell website about the Cloud and telling you how amazing it is.

Let’s say this really is your story, wouldn’t you rather have read; once upon a time you gave an amazing presentation using the Cloud and when you returned home your firm was so happy that they renamed the firm after you and gave you a beautiful mansion?

You might want to look into the Cloud right away.

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