If you’re expecting a child soon, you will probably be thinking of making your home child friendly.

A child friendly home is a safe home for your child and a home with more freedom for your child.

It is also one in which you can rest more self-assuredly in the knowledge that your child won’t be stumbling upon any danger.

Making your home child friendly is easy. Here are a few tips nonetheless to make sure you do everything necessary.


The first things you will naturally look at when thinking of how to make your home child friendly are the cupboards.

Cupboards tend to have things stacked up inside of them that are potentially harmful to your children, and so the last thing you would want is an infant ruffling through them.

Furthermore, your child could get their finger trapped in the cupboard doors, and so you won’t want an infant opening them.

Fit child safety latches on the top and bottom of all drawers and cupboards. You won’t need much DIY experience to do this yourself, as they’re pretty straightforward to install and use.


Corner protectors are a necessity if you plan on making your home child friendly. From tables to desks, anything with a corner that your child might walk into should be covered with a corner protector.

Corner protectors should also be placed on doors, since your child could easily suffer by walking into the edge of doors.


On the matter of doors it is imperative that you keep doors leading to any potentially harmful areas such as storerooms or garages closed and locked.

It is also imperative that you block off stairs through small gates to ensure children do not climb up it and of course, subsequently fall down off it.

Stove Guards

Stove guards are another addition to your home that’ll make it considerably safer for children. Stove guards prevent pots and pans from falling off the stove and burning your children as a result.

Electrical Appliances

Stow electrical cables and wires in order to keep them away from your child. This will stop electrical items from being pulled off tabletops, counters and shelves.


The significance of lighting when needing to make a home child friendly is often overlooked, despite it being of utmost importance. Light in the living room and your child’s bedroom should be of a type that’s able to be both dim and bright.

This is because dimness is needed for your child to sleep, while brightness prevents them from bumping into things. Furthermore, brightness allows you to see any potential hazards first before your child.

There are a number of stores like www.lampcommerce.com that sell a wide variety of lighting fixtures, allowing you to have a wide array of options when choosing suitable lights.

You should also aim to have as much natural light seeping through the house as possible.


It’s fairly simple common sense that any form of medicine should be kept well away from children’s reach. In fact, on that note, anything that says it should be “kept out of children’s reach” on it’s back, should be kept in a place well beyond your child.

Since you may have many things of this type, you should keep a storage area specifically for these things.

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