How to cut your business bills to allow for more fun days out with the kids

Super mumprenuer you are, but keeping energy costs down needs more calculation
Super mumprenuer you are, but keeping energy costs down needs more calculation

Balancing a working life with family commitments can be a struggle for most people, not least mumpreneurs who work from home. While days can often drag out and prove frustrating in the office, mumpreneurs work with the children in tow, and they usually want nothing short of the impossible: mummy’s undivided attention.

One of the many challenges facing any business owner is that of cost control. As energy prices spiral, mumpreneurs and other firms are increasingly looking to compare business electricity prices to save money on energy bills. Listed below are five ways in which energy costs may be reduced as part of a cost control initiative.1. Let computers sleep once in a while

The typical home office computer processes millions of calculations on a daily basis. Depending on the make and model of a desktop computer, energy usage will vary considerably, but it is generally accepted that computers and monitors account for the greatest energy consumption in offices after that of heating and lighting.

Fortunately, computers now come with power management options that mumpreneurs need to use these to full effect in order to save money on electricity bills. Setting a computer to sleep or hibernate after 15 minutes of activity can save a substantial amount of energy over the course of a year. Likewise, turning computers off when not in use can greatly reduce energy bills.

2. Wash and dry clothes during the night

While washing and drying clothes are chores that can be squeezed into the daily routine, mumpreneurs should note that many energy suppliers offer cheaper electricity during the evening and night. Setting washing machines and tumble dryers to switch on after dark can save money over time.

Equally, it should be noted that working during the evening can also save money. If at all possible, mumpreneurs should consider catching up with work during the night while the children are asleep. It may not be ideal, but it can help to reduce energy consumption.

3. Switch energy tariffs or suppliers

Free services such as uswitchforbusiness provide help to businesses and individuals who want to switch energy suppliers to save money; a task that is not always as straightforward as it may seem. uSwitch evaluates its users’ energy bills to find the cheapest, most suitable tariffs on the market.

4. Make the home more energy efficient

Insulating cavity walls and lofts can go some way towards reducing energy bills by ensuring that less heat is able to escape. Mumpreneurs might also wish to consider installing new thermostats and energy efficient central heating boilers to make further savings on gas and electricity bills.

5. Install a smart metre

Old, energy hungry appliances can be identified and replaced with the help of the smart meter. This provides an overview of all electricity usage in the property. The smart meter can also assist any mumpreneurs who need to calculate energy consumption for the purpose of applying for tax relief.

Contributed by freelance journalist Tara West.

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