Started an online business can be an exciting and daunting prospect, but when you’ve got no support from those nearest and dearest to you it can feel like an uphill struggle.

So – before you start thinking divorce, or ditching your business altogether, here are some tips to help you make the most out of your situation when your spouse or partner seems to have no care in the world.

  1. It takes two

  2. There are two sides to every story. For you, it may appear that your spouse is unsupportive in ?our business endeavours, but to the, it may just be that they don’t understand what an online business is about and just don’t know how to convey that to you without losing pride or looking like they’re still stuck in the dark ages.

    Help your spouse share in your vision for your business, by taking the time to explain to him/her what it is you do, what your goals are, and share your reasons for wanting to build the business.

  3. Don’t stop talking

  4. Keep conversations flowing between you and your spouse, about your home based business and marriage needs so that they don’t feel like you’ve found a new mistress and don’t care any for them and their needs any more. If your spouse truly lives and cares for you, they’ll want or see you achieve and be happy in your endeavours, but how you get that message across is the all important key.

    Could the negative vibe your getting be down to the fact that you’ve only ever spoken about this business venture once in your marriage and all of a sudden your business has taken over everything – the kitchen table, your bedroom, the garage and your bank account and all with no explanation!

  5. Family time is family time

  6. Set aside some time regularly when you’ll focus only on your spouse and family (unplugged from your computer and your mobile phone). Make sure nothing comes in the way of this – treat it as you would an important business engagement, and don’t let work interfere for a second during these crucial family time slots.

  7. Don’t complain to your spouse about your business

  8. Don’t expect your family to be excited about your business as much as you are – or at all. Don’t feel demotivated if your spouse doen’t encourage you or make your online business their priority, either…do you go potty for their favourite sport or pastime when they do? Is it really that bad that they don’t share the same passion as you do every once in a while? No!

  9. Find someone to lean on

  10. Find a business mentor you can share your concerns and business aspirations with – they will give you an independent view which will be a lot more valuable than speaking to a spouse who either doesn’t support your dream or is negative about your successes.

  11. Work time is work time, play time is play time

  12. Use your business time wisely – don’t waste it doing unproductive activities like playing on Facebook, especially within eyeshot of your spouse…it’s a bit like catching your child playing a computer game instead of doing Internet research; you just won’t take them seriously, would you?

  13. When at work, work

  14. Set “office hours” so your family knows when you are not working…and stick to it. If you blur the lines and your work time starts to encroach on family time, it will only lead to resentment on your part and theirs. It will also build distrust.

    Make a list of priorities in your business, so you can hit the ground running immediately when you’re ready to work, and not have to spend time getting ready to get ready.

  15. Share the successes

  16. Reward your family, when they give you time to work on your business, with focused time for them. So, if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends because of a huge contract, when it’s been completed successfully why not take the family out for a treat to celebrate? That may motivate them to get excited next time another contract comes through.

    If your spouse has been holding the fort, waiting for you to get through se big deadlines, why not arrange a date for just the two of you to say thank you?

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