Many a successful company starts with just one person, who creates an illusion of being a lot bigger than they really are.

But when the first big contract comes in, you can change your fortunes. The only problem is, when it’s just you doing the day-to-day admin, providing the products and/or services; it can be a challenge to make big clients think you’re worth working with.

Here are some things you can do:

Ditch the local cafe meetings
Meeting in Costa or Neros may be suitable when you’re working with another one-man band, but when you need to raise the bar, look for professional meeting spaces that can help you raise your game.

Google Campus, for example, has a very swanky and modern feel to it, and it’s free to use, too. You can also book a meeting room in a hotel, but obviously, there are costs associated with this.

Use a limousine or chauffer service
If you intend to collect a client for a meeting or presentation, sometimes a simple local cabbie just won’t do. If you can afford to, why not use a professional limousine or chauffer service, where they’ll be treated with real class. Try, a company that specialises in corporate chauffeurs.

Look organised
Sticking post-it notes all over a diary in a disorganised manner just won’t bring in the business. If you haven’t already done so, invest in a professional looking organiser. Something like a Filofax that pulls everything into one organised binder will make you look like you have everything under control and that you are more than capable of providing a good service to them.

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