Every time I get an email that says: ‘Sent from iPhone’ it makes me cringe! Especially if it’s from a business person.

While it’s great to be able to respond to emails and customer queries on the fly (and people expect a quick response these days!), only you need to know that you’re using or iPhone from the park, in the bath, or on the train.

You must maintain a professional persona for you and your business at all times, and one of the simplest must-do’s is ensuring that you keep your standards high at all times. Find out how to remove ‘sent from iPhone’ from your messages:

How to remove ‘sent from iPhone’ from your messages

1. Go to Settings
2. Select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’
3. Scroll to the bottom and look for ‘Signature’
4. Replace content is the box with a proper signature – your name, contact number, social media profile etc.
5. Finished!

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