‘Tis the season to be jolly! And keeping your home burglar free will ensure that nothing dampens your Christmas spirit on your return from visiting family and friends.

According to Home Office statistics, 59 percent of burglaries happen during the festive season. Burglars have become wise to the usual tricks we put on make like someone’s at home. They’re on the hunt for easy break-ins in expensive neighbourhoods and for homes that leave anything that’s easy to grab and sell on show. So what’s the best way to keep your home safe during the Christmas period?

1. Keep schtum about your hols

While it’s lovely to share your excitement )or gloat) on social media, you don’t know who else is watching. Try not to announce to the world that your house will be uninhabited and available for thieves. Keep the showing off for afterwards when you upload the pictures.  

2. Keep the curtains open

While keeping curtains drawn will hide the fact that your away, your Neighbour’s or passersby could be blind to the fact that a burglar is ransacking your home. Leave the curtains open, and someone may just catch them in their act and call the police. 

3. Leave the lights on

Just like keeping your curtains closed, lights that are off day and night for a few days is like a red flag to a bull. For thieves who are scanning your area, looking for a good hit, your house will be just that. Keep the lights on so that they think someone’s home. 

4. Hide your Christmas gifts 

While the latest iPad probably won’t get left behind when you go visiting, other expensive gifts and possessions may be on show – put them away, or you’ll be asking for trouble. 

5. Ask someone to house sit

If you have a trusted friend or neighbour, nothing beats having someone stay in your home while you go visiting. Their presence should be enough to put off a potential burglar, and if not they can at least alert the police.   

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