Two simple ways to boost your selling power overnight

There’s not much more demotivating than having poor or no sales when you start a new business. All the dreams you had conjured up if stick flying off your shelves (or out of the garden shed) suddenly start to look like it’s going to turn into a nightmare. But the truth is, if you’re planning to build your own business, you have to be ready for the challenges. If you give up at the first hurdle, you really aren’t giving your business the chance to succeed.

These days, there is a lot of competition in many industries – we are all used to being sold to at least once a day, and the virtual world is no different; if anything we are bombarded a lot more on email, mobile and online than anywhere else. You should bear this in mind and have some empathy for your customers.

It also means that when you have an online business, you have to come up with different ways to generate more sales than your competitors. Here are two quick wins you can try:

An after-purchase offer
Do you know that offering your customers more after a purchase can be a good way to double your sales overnight? Think about it. When your customer has made a purchase, they are still in buying mode, which is a great time to offer more products and/or services related to what they have just bought.

That said, don’t just leave your customers to a closing
thank you page after their initial purchase, but rather a
page that contains some of the best deals that they can take
advantage of.

Knock some money off
Have you added a new range of products to your portfolio. It still have a stack of old stock to shift? Don’t just leave them there to collect dust – your old product line could actually be your biggest income generator if you use some clever marketing tricks to shift them. Everyone likes a bargain, and many of your customers won’t care that it is the previous version if it works the same or is of the same quality as your latest stock.

That is true and to make that strategy even better, use persuasive language to convince your customers to buy – try using the time limited offer trick – ‘offer ends on xx day’, for example.

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