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start an online business as a multiple income stream during lockdown

Product Pricing: The Difference Between Digital and Physical Products

If there’s one lesson, we have all learnt from Coronavirus and the ensuing lockdown it is the ever-increasing importance of having an online presence and having a digital product of some sort. 

You only need to go on any social media platform, from Facebook to Instagram, from Pinterest to YouTube, to see how those brands with a digital product or service are able to sell this flexibly. For many, this digital delivery has not only supplemented their income but has caused a skyrocketing of their profits.

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Dropshipping and wholesale guide: how to get the products you need to get your business started

Selling products is often one of the first sources of income that mums who want to make extra money consider. Whether it’s selling Avon, or actually buying products in bulk to sell to friends and family, selling products is a good way to make money.

Dropshipping and buying at wholesale is an area that is often considered, too. But they can seem like a bit of a minefield if you don’t know where to look.

Audio course: How to Sell Without Selling – Part 1

Starting a business of any kind can be a big learning curve – from the accounting, to the admin, to employing people to help you out. But one area that many people struggle with is selling. You may not be able to sell an igloo to Eskimos, but you certainly do need to have the ability to ‘sell’ your products and/or services to people.
This three-day audio course will help you learn the basic principles you need to start making some money.

Video tutorial: how to understand Windows 8

Microsoft Windows has been a tool that everyone who has ever touched a computer, laptop (and mobile phone, these days) has used at some point. Whether it’s writing your CV in Microsoft Word, creating a presentation in PowerPoint or looking at some financial information or charts in Excel, we’ve been there and done that.

If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, or have just upgraded you laptop or computer, you may be a bit more than surprised to see that Windows has completely changed it’s layout.

Four tips for cold calling success

Running you own business no matter what it is will require sales of some level. You ha e to ‘sell your products and/or services to people and this could require you make cold calls (calls to people you don’t know or have never spoken to).

But cold calling is an art-form. It can be daunting but nervous or not, you always need to make a good impression, so you need to do it right. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Video tutorial: How to make a business plan

Business plans can seem like such a boring or daunting prospect. But if you can’t be motivated to write down your steps to success for your business, should you be starting the business in the first place?

This four-minute video will help you weed out the most important elements of a business plan, and help you put pen to paper so that you can give your business idea a fighting chance.

How to choose a web host

Starting an online business is exciting – you’re finally ready to show the world what you have to offer!

But the jargon around web development can be baffling. One of the areas that can be a little confusing is web hosting. Many web designers/developers will try to sell you their ‘hosting’ claiming it to be cheaper and so that they can keep a ball and chain around your ankles – especially if they realise you know nothing about web development.

Online Newbies Audio Course: get started with your online business today

Venturing into the world of online business can be a confusing and frustrating challenge, especially if you are completely new to online business, and aren’t quite sure where to begin, or how to put the many pieces of the puzzle together.

If you’re one of those people who have spent countless hours in front of your laptop doing everything possible to successfully get the right formula for setting up an online business, only to end up back at square one this audio course is for you.

The Online Newbies Audio Course will give you a clear-cut strategy for making money online by dissecting the most important aspects of managing an online business and breaking it down so that it is easy to understand, and (more importantly), easy for you to put into action.

I quit! How to write a resignation letter

Making a decision to leave your job can be the result of many factors. A career change, needing more money or because you couldn’t stand to work under a draconian boss or colleagues from…

Whatever your reason, it pays to resign with dignity and professionalism. After all, you’re having the last laugh now aren’t you? Not to mention the small thing called a reference that you’ll need from your old employer.

Here are some tips to help you resign professionally.

The out of office assistant: a must for keeping customers in the loop

Letting your customers and key contacts know that you’ll be unavailable is crucial in business. A good out of office message will let them know at first contact that you’re unavailable, for how long, and any alternative contact details they can use.

This video will show you youw to set one up in Microsoft Outlook in next to no time – of course, you should let your contacts know ahead of time that you’ll be away if you’re taking a break:

How to assess the competition in your business area

Checking out the competition is a must when embarking on a new business venture. You can look at their pricing, the quality of their products and services, and their strengths and weaknesses and use all that information as part if your plan of attack.

It all sounds simple enough, but if you don’t know how to cut to the bone you’ll just be gathering information that will sit in a file somewhere collecting dust. This video will show you how to make sure you don’t miss anything out.

Video tutorial: how to sell

Whether you provide services like beauty treatments, work as a counsellor or run an online store, you will be selling something to your client base. Most business mums wouldn’t necessarily have a sales background when they go into business, and it can feel a little overwhelming to suddenly be in a position where you have to encourage people to spend their money with you.

If you’re in this situation and need some advice on how to get the process right, then today’s video will help you with that and more. In just six minutes, you’ll learn how to be a sales supremo.