Everyone is talking about Tom Davey in the Olympics – even when he and his diving partner Peter Waterfield missed out on a medal, all the spotlight was on golden boy.

This is not uncommon in the workplace – you work hard as part of a team, and somehow someone else gets all the glory and praise, while you barely get acknowledged. So just how do you step out of a colleagues shadow at work and get the recognition you deserve? Here are some tips:

1. Don’t be quiet!
People who stay quiet don’t get heard! In most organisations, those who tell the world about what they are doing, how hard they are working and the results they are achieving always seem to get ahead. And they have a knack of saying it to the right people, or within earshot of them so it doesn’t go unnoticed.

2. Don’t sit there and watch the moment pass away
If your colleague is acting as though they are the only brains behind the success of a project, speak up! Get invvolved in the conversation in a tactful but clear manner and state your input. Stand your ground without being brash and confrontational, and chip in your case – describe some of the struggles along the way and how your input helped to save the day.

3. Self-promotion is key
Make your skills and strong points known in your workplace. You have to learn to be a champion of your own cause. Offer to help colleagues around the business so that you become known as an expert on an area of work. The proof is always in the pudding, and if you prove yourself knowledgeable, people will respect you…it’s a lot harder to overshadow a star than someone who hides in the corner.

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