There’s an app for just about everything today – whether you own an iPhone, Android or Windows phone, there is something to distract you at some point in the day. Serious working mums will know that using a diary system of some sort is very beneficial, but life happens, and sometimes things get lost, or your leave it at home because you’ve changed your bag…or an important page gets ripped out by your toddler.

The list of unfortunate events is endless, and not all scenarios can be fixed. That’s why I love the Moleskine Evernote Weekly Diary. If you haven’t heard of Moleskine before, they make a series of diaries, notebooks and journals. They come in pocket size, A4 size – you name it; and there are a range of serious and playful covers to suit your mood and profession.

Then there’s Evernote – the app that can help you stay organised o matter where you are. From lists to sharing documents with important colleagues you can do it all.

So imagine what happens when paper meets an app – nothing but sheer bliss, in my view. And believe me, I have tried a diary or an app or two in my time as the founder and editor of The folks at Moleskine were happy to oblige, sending me a Moleskine Evernote Diary to review – plus a fantastic rollerball pen (0.5mm) to boot!

Moleskine pic1


Inside the Moleskine Evernote Diary

If you haven’t used one before, like me, you’ll probably think that the Moleskine is a normal diary. But it looks like a lot of thought goes into the creation of this bound diary. What I especially like is having the week to view format, with the additional note page on the right hand side. Sometimes, no matter how organised you are, you just need a little more space to write your thoughts down and you won’t be crippled by lack of space with this diary.

Moleskin pic 2

The back and the stickers

So, one of my concerns about using a book-style diary is where to store important pieces of paper like receipts, business cards and the odd letter that needs to be on hand. Moleskine has this covered, too. The back of the diary has a handy expandable pocket. Here, you’ll find the Smart Stickers, which I’ll go into a little more detail about in just a second.

Moleskin pic 3


So a word about the Smart Stickers…they basically help Evernote to categorise what you write in your diary. Imagine all you have to do is use the diary as you normally would, writing reminders, appointments, to-do lists etc.

Moleskine pic 8Then you choose a sticker from the back of your diary, take a picture (which you’re now a pro at, anyway, right?). The app will then use a technology called Evernote Page Camera to make the images it takes look electronic and file your diary entry into the right place.

So why would you bother? Well, imagine next year when you’ve finished using your diary but you know you wrote something important in your 2015 diary; you simply go onto Evernote and type in a search. Yes, it really is that simple – and good! I was surprised, too.

But that’s not all. We all love our good old, trust Post-it Notes. My diaries usually have a few poking out – the signs of a very busy working mum…and lack of space. Evernote goes one step further and recognises Post-it Notes, categorising them according to colour (which you can customise). So, you can use yellow for home, pink for work, whatever – you get to decide; and it’s the same for the stickers.

The verdict

The Moleskine diary on it’s own is a simple, easy to use format that every busy working parent can benefit from. From the useful facts and figures at the front of the diary (different time zones, weight and measurement conversions etc) you won’t be left short. Plus the flexibility of having a diary with notes makes this a no brainer.

The added bonus is that the Moleskine Evernote Diary comes with a free three months free Evernote subscription. That takes some edge off the £29.99 price for the actual diary.

The lovely rollerball pen

I don’t usually get excited by any pen that isn’t a fountain pen…ballpoint, rollerball, they all write the same (or close enough) in my view. But this Moleskine pen is a rectangular shape which really helps with griping it. It would probably give a clean and smooth finish for even the most scrawly of handwriting, not bad for £12.99.



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