I speak with the award-winning black barrister and family law expert, Paula Rhone-Adrien about how we can teach children about racism and why we should. Paula is also a mum of four, and she shares some refreshing insight into the issue, which will be an eye-opener for parents and educators of all races!

Racism is an age-old problem. Yes, there have been some improvements, but to think that we are so advanced in technology, health and equality of sex but still have a huge racism issue in the UK, US and other parts of the globe suggests that there is still some work to do!

Recent and continuous events in the US, and the protests in the UK in the month of June show an affinity between the black and ethnic minority races around the world in their experiences about racism.

If we educate the young, and educate our communities we can make a difference and eradicate racism once and for all.

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