Savings calculator for bloggers

If you’ve got your own blog, why not put this nifty savings calculator on your site and attract visitors hoping to save?

Simply click on the link below and paste the slice of code where you want it to appear – it’s as quick as that!
The widget’s free to use and won’t cost a penny to put onto your site, making it an attractive tool for bloggers and webmasters. It could also enhance your website and draw in those looking to get their finances in order. Saving can be difficult, so why not help the people dropping by your site to make a fresh financial start?

The saving calculator tool asks the user a few basic questions about their individual savings goals (what they can afford, how long they want to save for, that sort of thing) and works out how they can achieve their specific targets.

People can find out how much they need to save per month and can get a better idea of the interest they’ll earn.
This widget really is simple, so why not put it on your site today?

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