School holidays are typical times of the year when website traffic goes down – with juggling the demands of the children at home and just not having enough time or energy to browse, the impact hits everyone, so don’t get despondent if you notice that your website traffic suddenly takes a dive!

attract more website visitsThe main goal for most internet marketers would be to try and get as many visitors as they can. And yes – if you have an online business that you are promoting online, you fall into the ‘internet marketer’ bracket, too!

Driving more traffic can be very easy for some people, but for others it can be an impossible task – especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

The problem really lies in your strategy and the things that you write about on your website. Is it worth reading? Is it something that people will click on if they read the excerpt on Facebook?

1. Create good content
If you want more visitors, you will need to focus on being able to bring them back.

There is nothing worse then having a thousand visitors and then never come back because the experience was so awful the first and only time they visited your website. Everyone is busy those days, and for every poor website out there, there is a true gem, and if your website visitors come to see that you are regurgitating content from other websites, or have nothing new to say that they haven’t heard somewhere else before,mother won’t come back.

Creating good content will make sure that your visitors will come back for more.

2. Network
When you are able to network with other people on the internet, you will realise just how easy it is to actually get visitors. Social media is a great place to start because other people can onset in on your conversations and if they think you know what you’re talking about, or are interesting, they’ll want to find out more about you.

When you have a circle of friends on the internet, they will often help to promote your posts which will start driving more traffic to your website.

3. Share

You will need to share your website with as many people as possible. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social network out there, shout out about it.

Though not everyone will click on the site, the more you share, the better chance there is that someone will stumble upon your website.

If you are serious about being able to get more website visitors, you’ll need to take these things into consideration and to understand that it is not that difficult to get visitors going to your website on a daily basis. Take some time out to lay a strong foundation using the above tips, and you’ll start to reap the rewards.

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