We have all seen the advertisements depicting people who work from home in their pyjamas, setting their own (minimal) hours, and other things that entice us to want to work from home. But even though you aren’t going anywhere, you should still remember that you are a professional.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should stay away from working in your pyjamas. If you are in your pyjamas, what are you thinking about? You are likely thinking about sleeping and lounging around and that just won’t motivate you to get the best out of your day. It makes you want to crawl back into bed and not get anything done.

Instead of wearing your pyjamas, wear something that would be considered business casual. Even if you and your toddler are the only ones to see you dressed that way, it will make you feel like you’re working instead of just doing something from home.

If you don’t make an effort with your appearance and often battle with friends and family because they don’t think you have a real job it may just be because every time they pop round, they find you sitting at home in your pyjamas and slippers, while the rest of the workforce goes to work in suits and skirts. It may well be that you’re ploughing through a lot of admin and other crucial pieces of work dressed in your neglige, but it just doesn’t look convincing and makes you look like you don’t take yourself too seriously, so other people won’t take your work seriously either.

Haven forbid that you drip your kids off at nursery or school in your loungewear – it really doesn’t set a good standard and those disapproving looks from school gate yummy mummies will certainly leave you feeling inadequate!

If you dress in business casual and someone does stop by, or you collect the kids up from school or nursery, it will show that you are serious about your job, and that you have a ‘real’ job. It will make you feel better because you will be treated with respect, and will likely boost your confidence.

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