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The one thing working mothers don’t often think about when deciding to go back to work

Making a decision about if, when and how to return to work after having a baby is one fraught with complexity and is utterly personal. It is certainly a topic that lots of people feel strongly about, but each family has to make its own decision about what is right for them, and there is lots to consider. Suzanne Todd, head of family law at Withers Worldwide (and a working mum herself!), provides a comment piece on the stories behind recent stats on the number of working mums.

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Cherie Blair’s right…all mums should work…in a way that works best for their family

Are mums who stay at home just using their children as an excuse to retire from their careers? Are they making their children less independent?

Cherie Blair may just have a point about the importance of mums working-081418.jpgIf you’re Cherie Blair – former prime minister Tony Blair’s wife – then you’ll say yes to that. In fact she has been quoted saying the very thing, and. She’s not apologetic about it either.

But does she have a point, or is it just another attack on stay-at-home mums from a working mum?