Theresa May, the UK’s new Prime Minister has been noted for having a huge shoe collection. Hands up those of you who remember David Cameron or Tony Blair’s penchant for fashion (or lack of ) having attention drawn to their footwear… Exactly!

Call it sexism, call is whatever, but the fact is, when it comes to the workplace, us women have a lot more opportunities to get it wrong when it comes to what we wear on our feet. If you work in a corporate environment, for example, wearing the latest Nike Hurraches like your 10 year old might just about get a pass on dress down Fridays but to a senior management…no! 

You could be at the complete opposite of the spectrum and wear six-inch sack scrapping heels into work. Yes, you’ll pass if their the famous red soles and you’re working for the brand’s PR squad, but as the project manager for a construction company will not only look ridiculous or leave you in blister hell by the end of the day (or both).

Choosing the right shoe for work

We all have the right to our own individual style. Even if you wear a uniform to work, your shoes will likely be one of the areas you can show your personality. That being said, you probably don’t want to be the butt of all jokes at work because of your fancy footwear. Here are some tips to stay individual, without looking like a clown.

1. Don’t be dull
A trusty pair of black court shoes can go a long way, but once you’re settled into your job, why not add a little bit of colour? Try to coordinate with accessories or your handbag without looking like you’ve just fallen out a 1950s time machine.

2. Save the seasonal shoes for weekends

Gladiator sandals may be comfortable, and breezy for those hot summer days, but they really look costumey on the workplace. You do want to be taken seriously at work, don’t you?

3. Ditch the socks

Comfortable or not, don’t wear socks in your heels…just don’t. 

4. How low can you go?

Three inch heels is about right for their workplace. Any higher than that and you’ll look like the office you know what, like you’re on your way to a wedding but mistook the building for the local register office…and no matter how great your strut is, you’ll be hobbling after an eight-hour stint. 

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