If you’re looking for a new business idea that is flexible enough to work around the children or any other commitments, virtual assistance has been a viable and lucrative option for many mums. And the property (real estate) industry needs mums who can manage the demands and provide the excellent service that all the juggling of motherhood has prepared you for.

Some businesses, like a supermarket, have a regular flow of customers through the front door and the staff are kept perpetually busy, while others have a less predictable amount of customers in a day. 

The real estate business is one such sector that can have busy days and slow days, and while the number of staff employed has to be kept within reason, there will be times when some of the staff are providing potential customers with a viewing, and this is when precious business can easily be lost. There may still be one person in the office, but one person finds it very difficult to talk to more than one potential customer at a time. If a phone call goes unanswered, a potential letting or sale may well have just been lost. Real estate agents also tend to keep fairly standard office hours, so enquiries outside of these times, may result in a customer going elsewhere.


Never Missing A Call

There is a very simple solution to this problem, which can mean that every single call that ever comes into the office is answered regardless of what time it comes in, or how many calls occur in quick succession, and this is by use of the virtual receptionist. 

A virtual receptionist is a highly trained customer service professional, who is given specific additional training, based around your company activities. When a call comes to your number, this person will answer the phone with your standard office greeting and have access to the details of your properties and staff appointments. They are able to answer questions, schedule appointments and do everything your normal office staff do, even though they are not physically located in your office.

Clients won’t know they are talking to someone who’s outsourced, as the virtual receptionist is already well-versed on how to deal with enquiries, among others.


What Are the Benefits and Costs?

Possibly the biggest benefit is that you will never miss a single phone call ever again. When you have a 24 hour virtual reception service, it is the same as employing multiple staff to sit in your office 24/7 without actually employing any of them individually, or having to pay for seats, desks and equipment. Each will deal with any incoming call as professionally, or even better, than your normal staff, and you only actually pay when a call is actually answered by them. One of the major problems for any company, especially real estate, is finding and training staff to do the job the way you want it done. With the virtual receptionist, you never need to do it again as the service centre already has trained staff which they simply allocate to you. It also solves the problem of how to continue your customer relations service on days when your normal day staff are off work sick, or on annual leave.


Improves your Company Image

First impressions count, so when calls to your office are picked up promptly and professionally, it reflects well on your company, and is likely to provide a good feeling of trust from potential customers, both buyers and sellers alike. You will be providing your business with assistance to customers outside of the hours of any of your competitors which is likely to generate an excellent level of satisfaction. With today’s use of social media, happy customers tend to tell the world about it which can further enhance your reputation, thus bringing in even more business on referral.

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