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Power Plate Update: The Exercise Tool that Just Keeps Vibing!

Exercise is like Marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. Or, if you’re like me, you do it because you have to – for health, to look presentable, or because of age. I don’t usually get drawn into significant commitments when it comes to fitness. There are enough…

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Save the gym membership – try these calorie-busting chores and lose weight

Spring’s on the way, and that means the bikini season isn’t that much further behind. No pressure, then, for the rush to lose weight and firm up those wobbly bits…

But the answer might already be at the tips of your fingers. Yes, believe it or not, housework really can help you burn those calories.

According to fitness experts British Military Fitness, housework really does pay!

Got a memory like a sieve? Here are some tips to help

Baby brain really does exist – well according to researchers at the University of London, anyway! If you keep forgetting things, are a ‘little’ oversensitive at times and find it harder to stay focused, there may well be a valid reason for it.

Examining the brain activity of 39 pregnant women and new mothers as they looked at images of adult and baby faces making either positive or negative expressions, the University of London researchers discovered that pregnant women used the right side of their brain more than new mothers, particularly when processing positive emotions.

Is coffee taking over your life and your finances?

Can’t start the day without your coffee fix? Find out which coffees are spending a lifetime on your hips…

What’s your coffee weak spot? A hazelnut latte, a mocha with whipped cream? Having these once in a while is fine, but if you’ve been wondering why your weight creeps up when you’re working, it could be down to your coffee shop purchases.

You only need to jump on the bus, tube or train to see many women grip onto their morning coffees like their lives depend on it…and then complain about weight gain without realising that their morning and afternoon coffee fix could be the culprit! 

Five foods your teeth should avoid at the office Christmas party if you don’t want to suffer the consequences

Christmas is a time of fun and lots of eating – at home and in the workplace. Between Christmas dinner and office parties, you’ll have a world of food pushed at you and in your mouth without a care.

But if you want to avoid toothache, teeth stains and a costly trip to the dentist in the new year, here are five foods you should steer clear of during the festive season:

Parents beware: rucksacks are bad for children’s backs…

Many teenagers are carrying dangerously heavy bags to school that weigh up to 10-15% their own body weight, and this is putting them at risk of back pain in and related disorders the future, according to a new study.

Heavy rucksacks can cuase back problems later on in life

If you’re the mum of a conscientious student, you’ll often marvel at how they manage to carry such heavy bags. It may look like they are trying hard at school, but according to findings published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, the posed threat by the substantial weight is made even greater by the fact that many teens do not get enough exercise.