Having a website is great, but if you’re the only person who knows it exists, you won’t get much out of it!

Even if your website is a blog about your life that you are using for your own sanity, at some point you’ll want to share it with like-minded people. And without having to stand in the middle of the street with a placard and leaflets begging people to visit your website…with the kids in tow!

Here are some tips on getting website traffic:

1. List your website in directories and search engines

There are many search engines and directories where you can list your website for increased exposure. Some charge are free, and other charge anything from £1 to much more, but the important thing to remember is to go through each listing you set up and optimise the data you provide with the right keywords etc so you can get the best out of it.

2. Participate in Link Exchanges

The trick with these is to get your website lied to on a website that has a higher page rank than your own – when you start out, you’ll have a page rank of 0 (sorry, we all have to start somewhere!).

Find websites who has some relevance to your own and ask to do a link exchange – you add a link to their website on your website and they do likewise for you. If your website is about selling buttons, getting a link on a website about electric vehicles won’t give you much value, for example…

3. Advertise your site via AdWords or other resources such as banner ads

There are many advertising avenues out there to get your website increased recognition, the simplest of course link exchanges and word-of-mouth, but paid methods such as using Google AdWords will give you immediate results.

Before you start splashing out, though, you need to know what you are doing – do some research on how to use Google Adwords effectively before you get burnt. We have videos on this in The Mothers Who Work Club.

4. Get published on other sites

One way to get published on other websites is to send out press releases – if you have any useful stats, or want to comment on so etching as an expert on your field, or offer tips and advice on something, there are many websites that will snap your fingers off for that kind of content.

5. Comment on forums and other blogs

This takes so e time and a lot of effort, but helping people out in forums and making blog comments can be great for driving some traffic back to your own website. Make sure the forums and blogs you post on are relevant and related in subject to your own website so it doesn’t look like spam…

6. Join local business organisations and network

I know the thought of networking can be daunting to many, but these days you can do a lot of it online without having to actually meet anyone in person.

If you can muster the courage to network in person, being a member of a networking group can not only let your fellow businesses be aware of you and your site, but can also introduce you to new concepts and tools you can use to increase both your visibility and profitability.

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