Do you always feel like you are running from one activity to the next and never seem to get a few moments to yourself? Do you find it hard to schedule in time to take a break?

Never underestimate the importance of five minutes. No matter how busy a day we have, we all have five minutes to spare in our day. That’s the equivalent of just 5 out of 1440 minutes of each day. It can do so much to change our perspective on the pressures of life. 

What to Do in Your Five Minutes

Those five minutes you take out of your day go past fast – but use them wisely and you can do a lot.

Here are some tips on what you can do with your five minutes:

  • Take five minutes each day to clear out some clutter in your life. Whether it’s your desk, handbag or wardrobe decluttering will go a long way to bringing some tranquility into your life. Allow yourself the time to enjoy the moment when you have completed it! Research shows that people with a tidy work area are much more more productive than those with a cluttered area.
  • A five-minute walk can be all it takes in your day to appreciate the basic things in life. I’m always surprised at the things I notice in my neighbourhood when I actually take a walk with the mindset to just walk. When I’m not in a rush, or heading for the shops.
  • Take five minutes out of your day to do some exercise and marvel at how much fitter you feel. That’s the story of my life! Lol! If you don’t have time to exercise for long periods during the day, 6 lots of five minutes add up to a 30 minute workout every day.
  • Take five minutes to pray, meditate or have some period of mindfulness in your day, where you reflect on yourself and your spiritual health and wellbeing. If you believe in God,  ensure you protect this time in the business of your day as spiritual well being is an important part of a holistic approach to life.
  • Go to bed five minutes earlier each night. That is without the social media apps, without the notifications on your phone – just you, the pillows, duvet and yourself…with your better half if there is one.


Never underestimate the power of five minutes in your life again!

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