Do you have the honour of planning your daughter’s upcoming hen do? We know that arranging the perfect occasion can be a stressful situation. You have so many people with different tastes to please, not to mention you want to make it a memorable event for your daughter more than anything! 

The friendly and cultural city of Liverpool is one of the best locations to mark a special occasion, mainly thanks to the city’s lively party atmosphere. Faye’s Doggy Boutique has brought us this article that looks at the best reasons why you may want to consider Liverpool when booking your daughter’s hen do. As a local business in Liverpool, they know the ins and outs of this beautiful city and what makes it a prime choice for parties.

So, let’s jump in and start helping you plan the perfect celebration for your daughter’s upcoming hen do!

What to Consider When Planning a Hen Do

There are several points to think about when planning a hen do, from the potential venues and themes to the guestlist. Firstly, you need to understand why we arrange hen dos and what they should be about. The hen party concept is still relatively new, but it has become a staple event in recent years and is more popular than ever. In many cases, it is now a weekend occasion instead of a single night. Hen parties celebrate a woman’s last night of freedom before entering a marital agreement. Therefore, it’s an opportunity to enjoy some crazy shenanigans! Activities often include everything from dinners and cocktail parties to spa treatments, stripper hires, clubbing, and much more.

You may have the primary responsibility, but it would be wise to involve others in the discussion. If you want to keep your daughter out of the loop, who better to consult than the bridesmaids? As with the wedding itself, the bridesmaids will play a critical role in making the hen do as lively and memorable as possible. Bridesmaids are usually friends closest to the bride-to-be, so they will have a good idea of what will please your daughter.

You will need to start the planning process by thinking about who will be attending the hen do. This is a tricky stage as you don’t want too many people going, but at the same time, you want to avoid missing anyone important! The guest list should usually include the bride-to-be’s closest friends and family. Mixed-gender events are the norm nowadays, so don’t hesitate to include guy friends if it seems appropriate.

Next up… the budget! It’s good to have an idea from the off about who will be paying. In most cases, all guests will chip in. Whether the bride-to-be contributes is up to each situation and depends on what is planned and whether they’ve had any input in organising it. It’s a good idea to prepare an estimate of costs before booking anything. You will want to avoid something too expensive that will prevent people from confirming their place. Many venues offer exclusive hen party packages, helping you save money.

Do you know when the hen party will take place? It should take place before the wedding but with enough room in between. The date and whether the occasion will be one night only or several days will also affect the budget. Guests will have other commitments to take care of, so be sure to give them advanced warning, especially if they will be out of town. 

Last but certainly not least are the activities themselves. Planning what to do can be challenging as you want to cater to all guests without arranging a dull event. There are no rules for activities; you can choose whatever you want as long as it fits your daughter! A good starting point is a dinner at a classy restaurant followed by drinks. Standard hen party entertainment includes karaoke, clubbing, beauty treatments, and cocktail classes.

Top Reasons for a Hen Do in Liverpool

Liverpool - Merseyside - United Kingdom

Now that you know a fair bit about what to consider when planning your daughter’s hen do, it’s time to think about where to go. We recommend a place away from your hometown to make the occasion more memorable. This brings us to our top reasons why Liverpool should be at the top of your list!

Let’s start with the city’s superb nightlife, which is a must for any hen party. Liverpool is easily one of the best places in the United Kingdom to enjoy a lively night, especially with the city’s student-friendly appeal. You’ll be able to find a bar or club anywhere in the city centre to suit all your guests. From modern establishments to retro-themed venues, you’re guaranteed to find a fun atmosphere perfect for a hen do.

Of course, you shouldn’t party on an empty stomach. Liverpool has an amazing restaurant scene servicing some of the best international cuisines you can find anywhere. Trust us when we say there’s a little bit of something for everyone! And then there’s shopping… an area that Liverpool truly excels in. The city is a shopping haven, so when you and your guests want to treat yourselves during the day, you have many options to choose from at Liverpool One and the nearby high streets.

Young people throwing paintballs at each other on a beach.

Hen dos are often associated with late-night partying, but they are much more than that. Planning the perfect itinerary should include a wide range of activities. Thankfully, you’re in luck as Liverpool has so many different things to do. There’s indoor paintballing, crazy golf, go-karting, drag shows, axe throwing, you name it!

When it’s time to slow down and unwind, you won’t find much better to do than a peaceful stroll in Liverpool’s city centre. Everywhere you go, you will see famous landmarks and stunning sights while bumping into friendly locals.

With so much to do in Liverpool, we highly recommend that you make it a weekend-long occasion. Therefore, why not book a stay in local accommodation? For the perfect hen party apartments in Liverpool, you may want to consider iStay Liverpool. iStay has a range of properties available throughout the city centre which cater to large groups. The apartments are spacious and fully equipped, providing the ideal place to relax after late-night antics. The largest property has room for up to 40 guests!

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